Exam Day Information

Important Examination Information – Please read carefully –

Please ensure you read all communications from the CCEB thoroughly.

You may be refused entry to the examination if you do not adhere to these advisories.

The only items that you are permitted to take with you into the examination are your valid government issued identification (driver’s license or passport) and a clear water bottle (must be see through and without chiropractic college/affiliation logos).

Candidates are provided with all supplies required, and permitted, to complete the examination. Please refrain from bringing unnecessary items to the exam.

Prohibited items & personal property:

Do not bring personal items, or any items of value, to the examination site, secure storage is NOT provided. Under no circumstances is the CCEB, its agents, employees or volunteers responsible for any loss or damage to property of the Candidate which has been brought to the exam but not allowed to be retained during the exam by the Candidate.

All personal property brought to the examination must be surrendered at security and is stored for the duration of the examination.

Candidates will be asked to empty their pockets during the registration/security process.

Prohibited items include but are not limited to:

  • All electronics, including cellular phone, iPod, headphones etc.
  • Headwear other than by exception below.
  • Jewelry watches etc. other than by exception below.
  • Exam supplies, pencils, pens, calculators, dictionaries, ear plugs etc.

Exceptions – examination staff may ask to examine items brought in under these exceptions:

  • Prescription eyeglasses.
  • Cough drops unwrapped and placed in a clear plastic baggie.
  • Jewelry and/or headwear which fulfils a religious or medical requirement.
  • Wedding rings, and other similar permanent/immovable jewelry.
  • Food required due to medical condition, with prior written approval of the CCEB.
  • Medical devices, with prior written approval of the CCEB.

The CCEB reserves the right to refuse any personal property in the examination room.

Testing accommodations must be applied for in advance of the application deadline. The Testing Accommodation Policy can be found here http://www.cceb.ca/docs/accommodations-and-assistive-devices.pdf

Improper actions & inappropriate behaviour:

Candidates should be familiar with the CCEB Discipline Process Policy and Appendix A ‘Improper Actions’ and understand the severity of the penalties for non-compliance. http://www.cceb.ca/docs/CCEB-discipline-process-policy.pdf

The CCEB does not condone or tolerate aggressive, inappropriate or harassing behaviour of any kind. The CCEB considers harassment, in all its forms, to be a serious offence and shall take appropriate disciplinary measures up to and including failure of an individual.

Should you have concerns about inappropriate behaviour at the examination site please report it immediately to the head proctor, chief examiner or CCEB staff representative.